Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Do My Things Look Big in These?

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Do My Things Look Big in These?

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Byline: Interview by Joshi Herrmann

THE OLYMPIC BODY CHRIS HOY TRACK CYCLING Age: 36 From: Edinburgh Weight: 92kg Height: 185cm Motto: "Don't give up" Medals: Silver in the 2000 team sprint, Gold in the 2004 1km time trial and gold in the 2008 team sprint, individual sprint and Keirin. Ten world championship golds.

Training: In the morning I do two hours in the gym. The sessions tend to be heavy with the leg weights -- squats and Olympic style lifting to develop lower body strength. There's usually a three-hour track session in the afternoon then an hour-long road "recovery" ride, which is a lowintensity session to flush out the toxins and lactic acid.

Diet and food: It's just a balanced diet. Good quality protein, white meat, fish, a bit of red meat, decent carbs such as pasta and potatoes. The key things are having enough carbs before training and plenty of protein afterwards. I would like to say I eat little and often but it tends to be a lot and often! The eating is dictated by when you're training, leaving an hour and a half before you train.

Drinks: There's no alcohol ban. You just have to realise that you must look after yourself. I had a Hogmanay with a few drinks, and a night of celebration after the World Champs, and that is about it since September last year. I tend not to drink in an Olympic year. A glass of wine here or there wouldn't make a difference but it's about showing commitment and if you can't do that for the Olympics, what can you do it for? Treats? I love my food and I eat as a reward for hard work. Just because it's tasty doesn't mean it has to be bad for you. My wife is a brilliant cook and great at baking -- she's good at cupcakes.

Beauty: As a cyclist you have to shave your legs. I always used to have ingrowing hairs, so now I use Gillette face scrub to get rid of that. I use moisturiser because I get dry skin, sometimes with a bit of sunscreen in it when we're abroad.

Hair: When you train so much with a helmet on you struggle to look after your hair. …

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