Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

50 Years Ago. the Kin- Cliff

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

50 Years Ago. the Kin- Cliff

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WE have a very vibrant Feedback page in the Evening Chronicle these days, what with letters, tweets and emails, it proves most interesting.

But while today we are moaning about fuel prices, taxes and the generally everyone for himself attitude, I wondered what was going through Geordie minds 50 years ago and decided to find out.

So it was a trip back to a Chronicle letters page half a century ago - and what do you think the big talking point was - well, it certainly wasn't war (Afghanistan), or even the country in the grip of austerity. It was, in fact, both the battle of "pop" stars, Elvis v Cliff, and schoolboys playing football around the streets.

In an earlier edition of the Chronicle a Mr Rick Liddell had stirred up a debate when he decided that "Elvis was tops", and here we have the instant responses that tumbled into our offices.

SIR-I DO not know on what ground Mr Rick Liddell considers himself to be an "authority" on "pop" music, but I do agree that it is not possible to compare 1981: Thousands have jogged normally streets of compete ever other "pop" singers with Mr Presley, for the simple reason that whatever peculiar sounds may emanate from the throats of his rivals, they are at least almost always in key. Mr Presley, on his own admission, seldom is!

Modern "pop" singers have so little to offer in the way of true art, that I would hardly have thought it necessary to be an "authority" to distinguish between their relative merits. When, in times to come, we look back over the years, it will be one of the wonders of the 50s and 60s that so many teenagers were fooled for so long, by so many.

The ageless Bing, who has delighted teenagers and grown-ups for nearly four decades, has forgotten more about the rendering of popular music than Elvis and company will ever know - Roy Dickinson, Gosforth.

SIR-IN his letter "Elvis is tops" Rick Liddell said Elvis Presley is a better actor than Cliff Richard, but in our opinion, Cliff's film, "The Young Ones" was better than any of Elvis's films. …

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