Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Kids' Holiday Movie Guide

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Kids' Holiday Movie Guide

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Byline: Miranda Cashin

The Lorax

BASED on one of Dr Seuss's lesser known works, this environmental fable follows a young boy, Ted (voiced by Zac Efron) who lives in an artificial city which has never known a real tree.

Motivated by his fiery-haired crush (Taylor Swift) he sets out to discover what has happened to the trees and how he can get one and in turn win the heart of the one he loves.

Despite a little too much on the preachy side in terms of the environmental message it is bright and breezy, frantic and fun.

Rated: G

Sex: A kiss on the cheek

Violence: A few comical punches and bike crashes

Suitable for: 0-5: Absolutely, they will love the bright colours and cute and amusing characters. 6-10: Prime age group. Tweens: The love story while cute is probably not sophisticated enough for this age group. Adult compatibility: Rest assured it's not the cinematic disaster that was The Cat in the Hat but there are not as many jokes the kids will laugh at but the adults will understand.

Pirates! Band of Misfits

FORGET Pirates of the Caribbean, these pirates wouldn't cut it under the reign of Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate Captain sees himself as a rogue to be reckoned with but he is more clumsy than cut throat and his crew are lacking in the menace and bounty-snatching departments. But when the Pirate of the Year event arrives they attempt to step up the swashbuckling to impress.

Full of droll, reimagined historical figures such as Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria and Jane Austen there are plenty of gags for history buffs.

Rated: G

Sex: One parrot kiss

Violence: Mild pirate sword fights and swashbuckling

Suitable for: 0-5: Perfect for the older end of this age group with its clumsy characters. 6-10: Prime age group with varied characters and physical gags to tickle the funny bones of the lil' mateys. Tweens: While there are a few jokes aimed at the older age group there are not quite enough to keep their attention. Adult compatibility: A few jokes for the adults and a few gags for viewers with a bit of history knowledge

Mirror Mirror

A TWIST on the classic Snow White tale, the queen is broke and needs to be married, the dwarfs are bandits who bounce around on giant concertina stilts and Snow White is more feisty fighter than doe-eyed beauty. The costumes are glorious, the sets marvellously over the top and visually it is incredibly impressive.

The CGI effects are superb and it carries an air of Tim Burton-like design.

It gets points for creativity but fails in its delivery.

It tries to be fairytale time crossed with Gossip Girl but it just never quite reaches its stride and suffers from a cinematic identity crisis.

Rated: PG

Sex: Love potions and a few spell breaking kisses

Violence: Bandit dwarves attach visitors to the woods and a few battles with supernatural beasties

Suitable for: 0-5: It may be Disney but the story will go right over their head. …

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