Ormesby's Dad's Army

Article excerpt

R EGULAR contributor, Ron Taylor of Ormesby, has submitted these three old photographs from his collection.

The first show some members of the National Reserve, North Ormesby 1913, Ron says that judging by the medals proudly worn some of the men would be veterans of the Boer War.

However looking at the age of some of the men in the photograph they could be veterans of earlier conflicts such as in the Sudan in the 1890s or the Zulu War of 1879 which was only 34 years earlier than this picture.

The man at the very front is thought to be one of the Pennyman family but there is no evidence to support this, says Ron.

When this picture was taken the Great War was only a year away but unlike the situation in 1938, the year before the Second World War, the prospect of war with Germany was a remote possibility. Even when Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated the following year and tensions rose between that country and Serbia it was thought that this was yet another crisis which would be confined to the Balkans. So the thought of actually having to serve their country again in another war would have been far from the minds of the men assembled for this photograph. …


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