Musings from a Potato Couch; When Is Art Entertainment and Vice Versa, and Does It Really Matter in the Great Soap Opera Scheme?

Article excerpt

EVERY little boy loves his grandmother. For that matter, I assume every big boy does too.

So, needless to say, when my grandmother's favourite grandson arrived at her Gatton doorstep on a (in this case very) Good Friday, I knew we were both in for an adventure.

Not only were we ready to take on the Queensland motorways, the hectic McDonald's drive-through and the traffic congestion that only the Easter weekend could dish up a a battle we, I think it can be said after three hours at 20kmh, lost emphatically a but I knew we had some even more exciting adventures ahead of us over the holidays.

Not just any adventures, mind you. I'm talking about adventure engaging in art, culture and sophisticated entertainment in its purest form ... through the medium of television.

Please bear with me.

What truly surprised me, though, was the link between those upcoming adventures on the couch and, of all things, my university studies.

For example, I'll never forget the day I walked into my first lecture, still buzzing from the prospect of being a music student for the next three years, and being asked to ponder a potentially career-shaping issue: do I want to create art or entertainment?

Ever since that fateful, slightly sugar-coated challenge, I just haven't been able to shake this ever-nagging thought. However, what's confused me most is this: why can't it be possible to do both? More to the point, how is it even possible to do just one or the other?

So, back to Grandma.

Now, don't hold it against her, but this grandmother of mine has quite strong feelings (ie an obsession) towards daytime soap operas. And as for me, the adventure-thirsty youth in the household, who am I to not join her on the lounge room sofa with such televisual prowess unfolding before our very eyes? …


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