Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

What Is the Plan for Our Region's Future?

Newspaper article The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Australia)

What Is the Plan for Our Region's Future?

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TRUNDLE, ever heard of it? Up to a few weeks ago I hadn't, but this town in NSW of fewer than 500 people now has its own weekly national television show Co Country Town Rescue. To attract people to live in their dying town five homes were offered at a $1 a week rental. This raw reality program demonstrates what a community can do to keep their small country town just that, hopefully for the next five, 10, 50 years.

While definitely not a dying region I wonder what the Rockhampton region needs to do to attract more people to live here? Could towns like Marlborough, Bajool, Westwood or Mount Morgan benefit from a Trundle-like initiative? Or is the plan to sit on our hands as more services leave these towns encouraging people to leave for the bigger centres, all in the name of efficiency.

What is the plan for the whole of the Rockhampton region?

The council has a vision for the region to be the most liveable community in the world. However their website gives little detail. (Just finding the vision statement in the website is a challenge.)

Does everyone in the region buy into this vision anyway? This to me has been the biggest failing of amalgamation for our region; the lack of a plan on how to include all the communities that make up the Rockhampton Region to truly feel a part of it.

The name for the regional council was wrong. Changing it though is maybe not the most prudent use of rates money.

The top-down approach council seems to be taking rather than a bottom-up (grassroots) approach is wrong. For people to buy into a forced amalgamation they need to feel their views are heard.

Council did conduct their C[pounds sterling]Be HeardC[yen] workshops but I understand only 51 recommendations were received. A sign that more work needs to be done to encourage people to feel a part of the region and thus more willing to contribute.

To assist we need a slogan that reflects positively on the whole region. Extending Rockhampton City Beef Capital of Australia title to the whole region is a Big Brother top-down approach and not the answer. Perhaps a competition could be conducted to gain grassroots input for a slogan and hopefully acceptance of it. …

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