Michael Bloyce Says It's Time for Mayoral Candidates to Have the Guts to Declare Their Political Allegiances

Article excerpt

Bloyce upfront

AT LAST someone is listening. We need to know the political leanings of all candidates. Bloyce is upfront. Jamieson still won't say so he is getting further down my list. Blumel is spooked by the outcome of the state election and pretends she is not Labor. We don't want party politics in local government but we need to know how candidates think. There is more to selecting a mayor than just looking at their policies. Time for the other mayoral candidates to declare their position and that goes for the divisional candidates as well.

mysay2012 from Mooloolaba

Jamieson on fence

C[pounds sterling]JAMIESON still won't sayC[yen] Co I have read several times that he has never belonged to any political party and has friends who are members of all parties. How many times do you want to hear it?

brianbarry321 from Maroochydore

Party politics

FRIDAY night, in my first blog in four years, I wrote: C[pounds sterling]I am well aware of the many Mayors and Councillors over my 30 years in LG on the Sunshine Coast who are or were members of political parties. This is the first time though, that it has been so obvious and so many people have been so concerned about it? The question often asked of me Wed night was C[pounds sterling]What's next! Party tickets at the next election?C[yen] and that bit does bother me? …


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