Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Labour Must Offer a New Vision of How to Run the Country; Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Labour Must Offer a New Vision of How to Run the Country; Columnist

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Byline: David Taylor- Gooby

IWENT to a state school and was fortunate enough to gain a place at Cambridge. Before I went I had heard about the idea of a "ruling class" in sociology books.

When I arrived, I met them - people from public schools who had a totally different view of the world than me.

They thought they were entitled to run things and people like me should not aspire to.

That was some time ago. We are frequently told now that this idea of a ruling class is no longer there - we are a proper democracy now and everyone has a chance.

I wish it was so, but it isn't. There is still a ruling class who think they should run the country. Nadine Dorries spilled the beans this week.

During the years of plenty before the crash people did not worry too much what bankers and other rich people did so long as there was plenty of money and some of it trickled down to them.

So does this Labour simply back and let and Liberals This was roughly what happened during the Blair years and much money was spent on new schools, hospitals, housing, railways and so forth. Now the capitalist system is no longer delivering, so our rich friends at the top are finding that they can no longer get away with what they used to do. mess of things walk into In times of austerity the rest of us are becoming far more critical.

The main reason for the formation of the coalition was to sort out the "economic mess" (their words, not mine). The Liberals are in fact tougher on cuts than the Conservatives. Listen to Danny Alexander some time. But there is little sign that they are actually sorting out the situation.

The average family does not see much hope of improvement and we have not felt the full force of the cuts yet.

At the same time, the Conservatives are trying to force through all sorts of other policies which were not in the coalition agreement and nobody voted for - forcing people out of social housing for example because they want to sell a large amount of it or making it much easier to privatise the NHS. …

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