Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Singing Easier Than Saying What's on Her Mind

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Singing Easier Than Saying What's on Her Mind

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Byline: Miranda Cashin

KATE Miller-Heidke and myself share something in common. No, it is not vocal prowess. Hers is a powerful, operatic force filled with both angelic tones and fierce passion where mine is more akin to a cat being strangled.

Nor is it our looks, where she is fair and blonde much like the Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones, while I tend to lean towards the other spectrum which would most likely make me evil were I in an animated Disney movie.

No, what we share is regular occurrences of social awkwardness.

It seems hard to imagine the graceful Miller-Heidke tongue-tied and awkward but she assures me she can be, particularly at music industry events. She is much more comfortable at home with her partner, Keir, and a glass of wine.

Her song Humiliation on her latest album Nightflight, her first solo album in three years, tells of this crippling case of awkwardness.

aIt's a song about being socially awkward and I'm like that all the time. Particularly in music industry schmoozy things, which neither Keir nor I deal with very well. It's just so full of artifice, but look: I have good days and bad days,a she explained.

aI also think it's the fact Keir and I have spent the last eight years in the same room together; it's really not healthy. You forget how to speak to other people because you develop this strange language between the two of you, and it's quite exclusive in that it excludes other people.a

Now get two people prone to awkwardness in a single conversation and well you can imagine the results; pits of awkward pepper the interview.

Her most awkward moment she tells me happened just the other week after a gig in Adelaide.

aI saw Adam Hills at the table next to me. I went up to him and said a[approximately]hi it's Kate, do you remember me from Spicks and Specks?'

aHe just got up and said a[approximately]I'm Wil Anderson'.a

Nightflight has a strong focus on narrative and storytelling, much more so that Miller-Heidke's previous releases. Each is beautifully constructed and almost like a collection of stories in an anthology. Themes of longing, homesickness, mortality, love and nostalgia make up the tapestry of the album. …

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