Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Immigrants Don't Integrate Well

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Immigrants Don't Integrate Well

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I HAVE been a C[pounds sterling]legalC[yen] immigrant twice. As a Pom to New Zealand in the 1950s with my parents and a C[pounds sterling]blow-inC[yen] from NZ to the Coast in 2006. Even being the same colour, religion, lifestyle and English speaking, it takes a few years to settle in and feel at home.

It must be a thousand times harder for people from Muslim countries. I have visited Egypt, worked with a Muslim man and had Muslim tenants in my rental houses. My Muslim co-worker would not do what I asked him to do because he did not take direction from a woman.

While I agree we should take our fair share of immigrants and asylum seekers they often do not integrate very well.

In Bradford, north England, large communities of Muslims have settled. Driving mile after mile there is nothing but shops with Arabic signs, women in burqas and men in traditional dress and rubbish in the streets.

The Muslim bombers of the London underground were born and bred first generation English. If we are to take people from all countries and religions we should help them integrate otherwise we might be going down the same path as England.


Bli Bli

Any vacancies?

SLIPPERY Pete has been suspended from the Speaker's chair but is still able to chair various committees and retain his $1000-a-day salary as well as all travel perks.

How can I get a job like this? Why can we not get rid of this totally corrupt government?


Coolum Beach

Figures not transparent

THE figures that appear to show that employment has increased in numbers are accurate Co it is just that they do not reveal that the increase is due to temporary employment. And keep in mind that many of these people do not work full time at all. Many work for as little as three hours a week.

But their gross number is taken as C[pounds sterling]employmentC[yen], hence the so-called increase. …

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