Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

A Healthy Home Leads to a Healthy Life

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

A Healthy Home Leads to a Healthy Life

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C[pounds sterling]The house is more than a box within which to live; It is a soul activity to be retrieved from the numbness of the world of modern objects.C[yen] Co Robert Sardello

Property is our business. We see a lot of it during the week. New homes, resales, apartments, land developments, auctions and, like the bus man who goes for a bus trip on holiday, we are involved with the building, design and architecture awards.

It's like going to an art gallery. We get to see all of the new designs and innovations, just like the works of the great artists hanging on a wall.

What you notice is how good design and trade work stands out from the crowd. What it takes is care, time and commitment.

You can tell when all the attributes have been considered Co aspect, flow of living areas, interaction with the outside, good separation of quiet areas to retreat to from the pressures of modern life.

It's important when faced with the monotonous seas of suburban housing. It's important to remember the benefits of healthy houses.

Building deals with questions of location, the relationship of the house to the sun's path, with the organism of light, heat, air and water currents in the house and, above all, with substances that have healing qualities.

Awareness of the therapeutic qualities of substances helps to develop a physical basis for the development of living forms. Rudolf Steiner spoke of the healing qualities of life-filled architecture, saying that true healing of what is bad to make it good can be achieved by means of architectural sculpture and other forms.

The question of method, the forms of architectural art, may thus be linked with an awareness for healing qualities. We may certainly speak of the healing effects of great architecture, but architecture is a healing art.

In his book, Places of the Soul, Christopher Day asks how much good design is worth.

He says it can increase land values but suggests that monetary cost and soul benefit are less easily compared.

The author believes design and construction can bring health rather than illness and architecture can affect people and places. …

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