Weather Watch; a[euro]Whether It's Cold or Whether It's Hot, We Shall Have Weather Whether or Not.a[euro] Meteorology Is the Study of the Changes in Temperature, Air Pressure, Moisture and Wind Direction. Join Us as We Find out More about the Weather

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THE weather forecast... is it correct today? How cold /hot will it be today? Will I need a jumper? Will I need an umbrella? Where do we turn when we want questions such as these answered? The weather forecast!

A weather forecast is made by applying science and technology to collecting data about the state of the earth's troposphere in different locations and predicting what influence this will have on the weather.

Knowing how the atmosphere works helps to foretell weather behaviours.

The forecasts of today are generally reliable but at times the information proves to be inaccurate.

This is because weather changes can be rapid and come without warning.

The Bureau of Meteorology provides services including forecasts, warnings and the latest observations. By watching these daily forecasts or studying the newspaper's weather page, you can learn what each day will bring. We cannot control weather but knowing the forecast can help us plan our daily activities better.

The Job

METEOROLOGISTS study the atmosphere and predict weather conditions over land and sea. To become a meteorologist you have to study atmospheric studies, mathematics and statistics, computer sciences, meteorology, physics or ocean and climate sciences at university.

The instruments

OUR eyes are one of the best ways to detect weather. However meteorologists use a range of instruments that gauge different elements of the weather to make more accurate forecasts. …


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