Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Love to Explore a Whole New World Above

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Love to Explore a Whole New World Above

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aTHE idea of home is bigger than the floorplan of any given four walls or the mass of any roof line. It can not be compassed by rote recitations of suburb or post code, nation or state.a a Geraldine Brooks, 2011 Boyer Lectures on the idea of the home.

FOR many Australians, the idea of home is often equated to an image of a house, while the idea of an apartment is often tarred with an image of high-rise boxes.

Yet, in spite of this, many Australians in the contemporary culture and socio-economic climate are increasingly interested in and open to either investing or residing within the realms of apartment living. According to a recent Grattan Institute survey, Getting The Housing We Want: aContrary to myth and assumption, Australians want a mixture of housing choices, not just detached houses.

aMany want to live in a semi-detached home or an apartment in locations that are close to family or friends or to shops.a

In particular, it seems there is a desire for a variety of urban developments and fresh styles in apartment precincts, be it townhouses, units or other semi-detached creations.

Inherent to this is the desire to move away from the image of prison-like boxes where residential buildings offer contained living space but little to no lifestyle space; something which, along with ample choice in style and design, is key to all Australians and to those on the Sunshine Coast.

The contemporary Coast culture desires urban development as long as it offers choice, centrality, variety and freedom.

We want chic and fresh urban space that is sustainable, sociable and stylish.

Essentially, we want urban living with the social benefits of suburban lifestyle...While a focus on downsizing for some and prioritising for others may be responsible for this interest in apartment living, evident also is the recent rise of solo living nation-wide, as discussed in a 2011 report, Understanding the Rise of Solo Living for the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Key to the discussion, Professor David De Vaus, from the faculty of social and behavioural sciences at University of Queensland, notes that aabout a quarter of all households have just one person living in thema, something which sees many possible causes but could also be symptomatic of a broad change that is occurring in our attitudes, lifestyles and personal desires. …

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