Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

It Is Research or Fairy Tales

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

It Is Research or Fairy Tales

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AT LAST a respectable company like Roy Morgan Research has come out and told the government what they don't want to hear and that is the real unemployment rate is 9.3% not 4.9%. The RBA uses the government's statistics and therefore they keep rates higher than they should be. Morgan research stated that the rate should have been 3.3% for the past three years.

I just wonder if Mr Swan believes in fairies or not.



Bright spark

TOWARDS the end of last winter I wrote this letter to Woolworths. C[pounds sterling]I am 74 years old and obviously not as bright as I was in my youth. I recently bought a packet of fire lighters from your store. On the packet it says, CyKeep out of the reach of children and away from naked flame'. We do not have children so that is not a problem. The lack of naked flame has proved to be difficult. We obviously dare not use a match. We have tried my wife's hair dryer but that did not work. I have a hot-air blower in the shed but that also failed to produce enough heat. We tried fanning air from the electric fire at them but again no result. My grandchildren came up with the idea of the laser, but it burned the brass fireguard. Twirling a stick on to a wooden block was too exhausting so we gave up.C[yen] Can you believe, they never replied.



Grim future

FACING a Queensland election result rout at the coming election the Prime Minister must resign and the ALP must try to stem the rising tide with humility not hubris. Without any credible scenario for victory the PM will certainly resign after the coming electoral disaster anyway.

The ALP federal result could be as bad as the Queensland result. This will be bad for democracy no matter who you support. A government without credible opposition can become ideologically obsessed with its own narcissism. …

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