Traditional Medicine Needles Chinese Clinic

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A STROKE patient having acupuncture while being treated with western medicine and fed herbal supplements through an IV drip would be foreign in our hospitals.

But this scenario fascinated acupuncturist Jessica Breust, who saw the benefits of integrating Chinese and western medical while interning in China.

aIt was such an incredible experience to go over there, where it originates, and learn from the masters,a she said.

aI've always been fascinated with health and the body. I love Chinese medicine; it has such a long history behind it. It resonated with me.

aI wanted to work under some of these incredible doctors, see the difference in how we treat over here and there.a

Ms Breust is eager to share through White Dragon Chinese Medicine in Maroochydore, which opened this week.

aWe do Chinese medicine, specialising in acupuncture, herbal supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice,a she said. aIt's a holistic way of looking at health.a

Ms Breust said that she was excited Chinese medicine and alternative therapies were taking off in Australia.

aPeople have more awareness of their health. …


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