Use Incentives Not Taxes to Cut Carbon Emissions

Article excerpt

FOR me, I feel we are faced with a stark contrast of choice.

The Federal Labor Government is implementing a carbon tax that will permeate all parts of our lives, harming all Australians and potentially undermining all the good in our economic position.

The Liberal National Coalition proposes direct action-based incentives to inspire action and innovation that will create a genuine steep change in activity, while stimulating a greener, cleaner economy for the future benefit of all Australians through a reduction in carbon emissions.

The Government's own modelling says that Australia's gross national income will be more than $4000 per person lower with a carbon tax than without one by 2050. The Government's own modelling reveals Australia's cumulative GDP between now and 2050 will be one trillion dollars less with a carbon tax than without one. That's the equivalent of the entire country actually closing down for almost a whole year.

The Government claims most households will be marginally better off, after compensation, while the carbon tax is $23 a tonne.

No one is claiming that people will still be better off when the tax rises to $37 a tonne in 2020 let alone skyrockets to $350 a tonne in 2050, as the government's own modelling predicts. …


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