We've Landed Big One; Coast Engineering Businesses Share $3M PNG Contract

Article excerpt

Byline: Bill Hoffman

AN ANNUAL fishing trip to the Sunshine Coast has led to at least $3million worth of work for local construction and engineering consultants.

The occasional fisherman, Chris Anders of the Mompi Coffee Plantation in Papua New Guinea's Goroka highlands, has engaged APAC Project Management to assemble a team to build climate-controlled storage facilities for its husked raw coffee beans.

APAC managing director Russell Sanger said that during the trip to the Coast, Mr Anders was lamenting the trouble he was having getting the project off the ground.

aHe asked me if I was interested and I flew over in December and have been full time on it since,a Mr Sanger said.

aWe'll start in two weeks. I'll administer the project from here, while civil foreman Matthew Shambrook a who has a long history on the Coast a will run the project at that end.''

Mompi is part of the global commodity trader Ecom Trading's stable of eight coffee plantations across the globe, all of which are undergoing upgrades.

The company handled 11 million bags of coffee in 2011.

A system was required to control oxidisation and degeneration of the bean by maintaining constant humidity. …


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