New Telstra Tower Boosts 4G Cover; Much Faster Data Transfer for Gaming, Video Conferences

Article excerpt

Lynnis Bonanno


YOU may have noticed there was a bit of excitement at the Telstra Shop at Caneland Central on Friday, and it's good news for mobile phone users who like to operate on the cutting edge.

The team was celebrating the expansion of the 4G network and Mackay had a significant part to play, as the 1000th site across the nation, which is that big tower rising skywards at Harrup Park, went live.

So what does it all mean?

Telstra Country Wide manager Rachel Cliffe explains.

aThe great thing about the 4G network is that it's for data only,a Ms Cliffe said.

aFor anyone with a 4G device, your phone will use the Next G network for phone calls, but access the 4G network for data.

aThat's great for people on the go, and those who deal with a lot of files as they will be able to do more on the go from the handset.

aCustomers in Mackay will be able to download songs faster, get TV shows in minutes and do more things simultaneously.a

Telstra 4G will also give users mobile broadband download speeds equivalent to customers who live in capital cities and in metropolitan suburban areas, and the bandwidth will support handling of higher-quality images. …


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