Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Look, I'm a Man and I Will Eat Whatever Kind of Salad I Want; Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Look, I'm a Man and I Will Eat Whatever Kind of Salad I Want; Columnist

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Byline: Bernard Trafford

HERE'S yet another magnificent piece of research explaining the "bleeding obvious". Researchers at the University of Michigan investigating healthy eating in families discovered married men are prepared to eat healthily at home - but generally do so only to keep the peace.

As soon as they are away from home, they love to gorge on red meat and junk food.

Couples don't talk about healthy eating enough, the report declared. Even when they do, it said, they generally do it in front of their children in an attempt to teach them about eating well, not to sort out their own dietary habits.

They should discuss it more, however, as when they do so, researchers found men less likely to eat unhealthily when his partner wasn't there to keep an eye on him.

I'd just like here the a thinking without Hold on! I don't like the way this research is going. It implies we men are weak-willed, indolent and greedy. We go along with all the healthy food at home because we prefer a quiet life and don't go looking for rows with the other half. But, it suggests, as soon as we get a chance, all the good intentions are straight out the window and we slide back into a slew of self-indulgence. tendencies, with my The picture is painted blacker by a second piece of research, this time from the University of Pennsylvania.

This one suggests that men don't want a healthy diet because at heart they feel that meat is masculine, macho indeed, and that salad and vegetables are for wimps.

Take those two pieces of research together, then, and it's clear that the only thing keeping men on the straight and narrow, heading for long life, is the fact that women are in charge. They and only they keep us in line and healthy.

As if. We men aren't like children, to be monitored and admonished to make us behave sensibly. I couldn't see any reason why, the other week, one of my daughters should have found it amusing to send me a birthday card with a 1985 Henry Martin Punch cartoon on it. …

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