Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Airline Travel Has Downside

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Airline Travel Has Downside

Article excerpt

TIME. That thing we all have in equal measure and all complain there is never enough of it.

Time flies so fast for most of us. Every waking hour is precious and slips away with alarming speed.

Except at airports when you have a long connection.

A 10-hour wait between flights damages the mechanisms of airport clocks and renders them unable to move.

It doesn't matter that the airport is spectacular, say as in Singapore or Dubai, two airports I am now so familiar with I could draw you a map to every loo and coffee bar, tell you which duty-free booze shop has the best special on cranberry-infused vodka, which perfumed place has a two-for-one-deal on Dior lipsticks, and which haven of luxury has 30% off a Prada bag (which still, sadly, makes it about $3000 too expensive for my budget).

(The cranberry vodka is affordable a[degrees] a woman must get her priorities right.)

So why not use the 10 airport hours to catch up on the things I am always complaining I have never enough time to do? Like write a column for you? It's always a job I have to squeeze in during a busy day at work and it never receives enough time.

So here goes. Out comes the laptop, balanced on the knees while I sit on a plastic chair because I am travelling economy and don't have club-lounge access and every cafe is packed with people with their own laptops and iPads on tables. (I've never understood why every person in the world decides to travel on the same day I do, but I've long ago accepted it.)

I speak sternly to myself. Focus, focus. Write your column. Go. Start.

I write one sentence that begins: aHere I am at Dubai airport with 10 hours ahead of me so I'm writing to you.a

Yeah, well that's really creative. What next? Nothing comes to mind.

Abandon that idea. I simply cannot write with my laptop on knees and a million people swarming around me, and I am deeply distracted by the imposing men in pristine white robes that sweep the floor as they walk confidently past with several bhurka-clad women in their wake. …

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