In Memoriam

Article excerpt

CLARKE (Forest Hall). Treasured memories of much loved husband, dad and grandad. Died 19th June 2011, Johnny. Our hearts still ache with sadness, our secret tears still flow for what it was to lose you no one will ever know. We talk about you often of things you'd say and do, we have such loving memories but we wish we still had you. Forever in our thoughts. Love Linda, Gary, Steven, Lyndsey and family xxxx.

CLARKE (Forest Hall). In loving memory of my beloved son Jonny. Our hearts still ache with sadness, our silent tears still flow, for what it meant to lose you, noone will ever know. We think about you often, we talk about you still, you haven't been forgotten and you know you never will. Sadly missed by loving mam, sister Cath and her partner Derek.

HUBBLE (ChesterleStreet).

Treasured memories of a dear mam and nanna, Doreen, died 19th June 2007. Your memory lives on deep in our hearts, as a constant reminder, we will never be apart. Loved always by Doreen, Angela, Cliff, Stephanie and Katherine.x LANDLESS (Newcastle). In memory of a wonderful and dear mum Janet. You're loved and remembered every single day and in our hearts you will always stay. Daughter Jan, Peter, grandchildren Steven, David and Laura.

NIXON (Slatyford). In loving memory of a loving mam Ellen, who fell asleep on 19th June 2010. When you were lifted from our lives, you left a big hole in our world which has yet to be filled, that day will be when I see your face again. Till then I will always miss you and always love you. Your loving son Stewart.XXX NIXON (Slatyford). Precious memories of my treasured loving mam Ellen, fell asleep 19th June 2010. Treasured memories of my mam so dear, the mam I always thought would be near, sorry mam I didn't always tell you I loved you, sorry I didn't always show you how much I cared, now I'm lost and lonely without you because you are no longer here, forever in my heart and thoughts, lots of love, hugs and kisses, sadly missed daughter PATTERSON (Walkerville). My beloved husband John, died June 19th 2000. Treasured memories keep him near, so loved, so missed, so very dear. …


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