Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

How Quickly Parents Switch from Anxiety to Relief Then Anger; Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

How Quickly Parents Switch from Anxiety to Relief Then Anger; Columnist

Article excerpt

Byline: Bernard Trafford

NOTHER Cameron gaffe!

ALast week's papers were full of the story of Dave and Sam leaving their eight-year-old daughter in the pub. Quite how that constitutes news is hard to fathom, but it certainly hit the headlines.

For once, though, it didn't become a stick with which to beat the PM. On the contrary, the public were sympathetic, relieved to discover that even top people occasionally mislay a member of the family. It appears the Camerons are human, after all.

They were travelling in convoy from Chequers. They had visitors staying, plus all the security men to feed: I guess it was a fair old cavalcade.

All too easy for every car-full to assume the missing child was in another, though I suspect in future the security squad will scan a checklist before leaving.

I recall doing something similar. Visiting my brother's family, we set off in two cars to a pub, also for Sunday lunch. Only when we reached our destination, some 20 miles away, did we discover we'd left my 10-year-old nephew at home. His mother phoned home: no answer. My grandpa used to must be a which Then we had to rationalise things.

drunks and children.

Pragmatism replaced panic: he was at home and we could assume he was safe. generally work out.

In the event, he proved he was already an enterprising young man. Finding himself abandoned, he paused to weep briefly at the cruelty of life, then he pulled himself together, went round to a friend's and told his sorry tale.

The friend's mother included him in a sumptuous Sunday lunch, allegedly far better than we'd had at the pub.

My grandpa always used to claim there must be a Providence which protects drunks and small children.

His theory generally seems to work out.

Some friends managed to leave a baby out in the street. Gathered with friends and family for the infant's christening, they piled into several cars to go to the church leaving the tot fast asleep in the pram, where they found him on their frantic return. …

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