Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Knowing When to Say No Is a Most Enviable Talent

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Knowing When to Say No Is a Most Enviable Talent

Article excerpt

MY HUSBAND tells me I am useless at saying no.

Now that's a big fat lie, and he knows it.

I say no to him on a pretty regular basis.

But truth be known, I am pretty bad at saying no to telemarketers.

I can't say no when I first pick up the phone and realise just who I am speaking to.

I can't say no during their spiel.

I can't say no to their sales pitch.

And I can't say no, don't ever call me again.

I feel sorry for them, you see.

Yes, I know they are annoying, and always ring at the worst possible times.

The other day I was at home sick and trying to catch some sleep a and I received 12 (yes, 12!) telemarketing calls during the course of the day.

And don't tell me to turn off my phone because I needed to be contactable by work colleagues and children. My mobile phone can't fulfil that purpose; my particular service provider only enabling coverage within 10 metres of their tower, when the wind is blowing a certain way and it's a Tuesday.

But telemarketers are just people like you and me, doing what they can to earn a living and put food on the table for their families.

They probably don't like their jobs, and they probably don't like that they are interrupting my dinner, or MasterChef, or my sleep any more than I do.

I empathise with their suffering. A minor inconvenience to me is no pain at all compared with having to be in their line of work, day after day after day.

So I can't a I won't a be rude.

I let them talk. I don't hang up. I don't yell at them to go away. I don't say no.

It drives Harry crazy.

Not that he is rude to them either, but he is more blunt than I. And much better at saying no.

What sends him most batty is that in an effort to keep the telemarketers happy, I will make excuses to avoid buying their products or doing their surveys, or switching over to a different telecommunications service provider.

Instead of saying aNo, I don't want a holiday at Noosaa or aNo, I don't want to come to a free seminar about how to maximise my taxable incomea or aNo, I don't want to take part in a survey that will only take five minutes of my time to help identify who is at risk to develop juvenile diabetesa or aNo, I don't want to save $5 a month by coming back to Telstra, even if I do get an extra 10G of downloads as part of my new packagea. …

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