Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Always Train Hard and Race Easy

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

Always Train Hard and Race Easy

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LAST week in the Chronicles, the focus was on getting an event. Well, once you have that, and sign up for your next sporting achievement, it is time to develop your training program.

A good training program will be the difference between finishing the event or not, enjoying the event or not, or achieving your goal time or not.

Now don't let the words training program scare you, as the effort laid out in the program does not have to be a huge amount. All programs though, must be built around the goal finish time, being consistent and being flexible.

In relation to your goal finish time, this is consideration number one when it comes to formulating your training strategy for the next six weeks or six months. Let's take a little running event, like a marathon.

You might be just focused on finishing, and say that you don't have a goal time. That is the story that you tell other people. When it comes to your training, though, you need to understand if you are going to be a three-hour finisher, or a five-hour finisher.

This really will determine how hard, and how much, you train. Even if you are only training for a 5km run, you still need to have a goal time in mind, to ensure that your training is focused. My mate Ryan only did two runs a week, and punched out a 3.15 marathon. He is a bit of a machine, though, and is a little fitter than the average bear (but anything is possible).

Consistency is the key to any training program. No matter what you do in sport, or life for that matter, success is only ever achieved when it is supported by a platform of consistent effort. Consistency creates results, results create improvement and improvement creates motivation to continue doing the hard work.

For the Guinster, consistency looks like regular early morning starts when most of the world's population is warmly tucked up in bed (and has ended up in man flu for the last week Co bummer Co but lucky to be alive). …

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