Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)


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DIY A busy day of shopping I'm certainly glad to get home Time for a cuppa and a sit down Maybe think of writing a poem. Pen in hand I start to write A loud noise gives me a start Bang, bang goes a hammer on the wall Sounds like the wall is coming apart.

For 10 minutes there's been quiet now Now things are nice and still Maybe I can get back to my train of thought Spoke too soon, now it's the drill.

Whatever he's doing it's taking time He's been knocking and drilling for weeks Maybe through the night would be good to write Then I may get the peace I seek.

ANDREA GRIST, Newcastle.

Beyond dark sleep Death is not the most fearful thing that taints the soul and heart in age, 'Tis memories of what's gone before within life's span, it's all there to see, For from child and boy, to elder man there dwells a spirit to smile and weep, For at the end it's others who see us, not ourselves while in this mortal cage.

Friendship, love, kindness and caring, the turning of the intolerant to live as one, In peaceful coexistence among those we meet, man woman and child, For within each one of us is good, it's the balance against the dark side we endure, The inner fight, anger, the turmoil of envy and jealousy marks us as the father's son. …

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