Big Steps with Law for Gerry; Leading Springfield Student Embarks on Early PhD

Article excerpt

FACULTY of Business and Law student Gerry Elmore has achieved a first for the University of Southern Queensland by becoming the first Springfield student to enrol in a Law PhD after graduating from the University's Bachelor of Laws program.

One of the top-performing law students, Mr Elmore, 20, graduated in May with the first cohort of law students from the campus.

Faculty of Business and Law professor Anthony Gray said it was unusual for a Law student to go directly from an undergraduate degree to a PhD.

aGerry has shown a real aptitude and passion for legal research,a Prof Gray said.

aHis particular focus with his PhD study is whether criminal law could operate more effectively in Australia if it were subject to a national scheme rather than a series of state laws and regulations as it is now.

aThe present system has different rules of evidence, different definitions of offences, and different availability of defences and penalties.

aHis hope is that one day future Australian governments will work together to implement a national regulatory scheme as they have in other areas of law. …


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