Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Get Clever with Cabinets

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Get Clever with Cabinets

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ARCHITECT Adam Dettrick is inspired by sleeper trains and yachts, where space is at a premium and clever cabinets is used to maximise efficiency and hide functions when they are not needed.

With much of his work in the inner city, Dettrick frequently uses cabinets to overcome the physical challenges presented in meeting a client's brief.

aOften you don't have the opportunity to add another room a[degrees] it's a matter of being limited by town planning and other constraints,a he says.

Cabinets can be a cost-effective way of achieving the end result.

aRather than spending $15,000 on building another room, you could spend $5000 on clever cabinets to create a flexible space. You can save 75 per cent on the cost.a

Dettrick uses cabinets to open up space or create privacy.

a'If they have all open plan, you can use cabinets to divide spaces up,a he says.

a'Open plan can be a bit limited, so it can be nice to break it up and give a sense of privacy or create a screen between two spaces with a bookshelf so you can look through it.a'

He has created houses with fold-down beds hidden in what appears to be a wardrobe or behind timber veneer panels, and installed fold-out tables.

aYou can have the study disguised behind some doors and, if guests are coming to stay, you can slide the doors, and it reverts to being a guest room,a he says.

a'It makes spaces more versatile and less identifiable as one thing. We don't want to get them locked into being one particular thing.

aI think there's a powerful environmental message there as well; living in a smaller home is more energy-efficient, it uses less resources to build and less energy to heat and cool. It's a win-win situation; it's hard to find a negative.a

In a North Melbourne house, Dettrick created a room on the ground floor that could be used as a bedroom, a granny flat or an alternative living area. A fold-down bed and a kitchenette were hidden behind beautiful joinery. …

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