'Ideas Keep Danielle Ahead of Her Game' myLife DO You Know Your Hashtag from Your Twitter Trend? Mieka Smiles Chats to Social Media Queen Danielle Dunn about How She Helps Businesses Get to Grips with Their Online Chatter

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SOCIAL networking: everyone's at it. Facebook, Twitter and the like are renowned for their ability to zap away all-important minutes - and perhaps hours if we're honest - from our working day.

Sometimes it's just all too tempting to ignore your work-related emails in favour of catching up with your friends and their shenanigans.

But one person you won't find slacking to log on to networking sites is Danielle Dunn as it's her job to spend time analysing this online 'chatter'.

At just 32, Danielle, who is a mum of one to Imogen, four, is the managing director of her own company Danielle Dunn Creative Agency (DDCA).

But Danielle is certainly not just jumping on to the online marketing bandwagon; she was there at the very beginning.

Danielle, who lives in Jesmond with her partner Jeff, 46, a solicitor, took a year out from her Fashion and Marketing degree at Northumbria University to gain work experience in industry for two top brands - high street fashion label Oasis and top designer Alexander McQueen.

As a result Danielle happened to land herself a front row seat at the beginning of the e-commerce revolution.

"At McQueen I learned how to create theatre in a brand as well as logistics, and at Oasis I got to see how a marketing department worked, how the whole psyche of it worked," says Danielle.

"That's when I first started to become passionate about digital media as I was assistant to the head of e-commerce.

"It was like 'What are we doing? We're building a website...How are we going to do that then?!' "That was back in 1999." Danielle also fine tuned her online marketing skills after starting her own soap business Fresh Deli on a market stall in 2007.

So successful was Danielle in marketing Fresh Deli that she ended up selling her products across Europe before eventually selling the business on to a Lithuanian company.

She said: "When I graduated I started my own soap company and I have had my own business ever since.

"When I sold the company on I became their consultant in sales and marketing.

"That's when I really learned the art of multi channel marketing and how to orchestrate integrated marketing campaigns."

With her wealth of experience Danielle decided to take the plunge and set up her own marketing agency - specialising in online marketing - in December 2009.

"It wasn't an overnight decision," says Danielle.

"I'd always wanted a creative marketing agency - and I was effectively doing that for my previous company. "I just knew that if we could get our head around a list of services that were forward thinking in online marketing that we'd be a success."

Now half of her job is persuading businesses that it's time for change: "I knew that businesses were going to have to change their thinking from what we call a traditional mindset to a digital mindset.

"The last five years and the next five years is all about that transition. Businesses are going to have to make that transition.

"So many have got their budgets in channels that are no longer performing as well as digital ones, even to some degree television.

"Young people don't watch anything on TV - they tend to stream everything from their computer. "It's next generation marketing really."

So what next for the ever-ambitious Danielle? …


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