Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

What Could Be Better Than Fresh Milk on Doorstep Every Day? Columnist

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

What Could Be Better Than Fresh Milk on Doorstep Every Day? Columnist

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Byline: Keith Hann

IMAGINE that you have secured a slot on a special "green" edition of Dragon's Den and want to devise a business proposition completely in tune with the spirit of 2012.

You surely could not improve on offering a wholesome, natural product in fully recyclable containers, conveniently delivered direct to the customer by environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

Which is precisely what we had in the doorstep delivery of milk, a system that we as consumers have happily conspired with the supermarkets to destroy.

When I was a boy, two competing milk floats clattered down our street each morning. My mother, in her belt and braces way, patronised both of them, believing that this might give her a competitive edge if rationing were ever reintroduced.

Like so much They competed, I should add, only on promptness and reliability. never been as in those halcyon childhood Both sold at the same price and the option of buying milk from a shop seemingly did not exist.

We needed a service like this because, until I was around 10, we did not own a fridge. Even delivered daily, milk was pretty unpalatable for half the year for those of us with delicate sensibilities. I spent many morning breaks at school ducking and weaving to avoid my free third of a pint, crates of which always seemed to be deposited in full sun in the hottest corner of the playground.

But then came our first refrigerator and I belatedly discovered a real taste for delicious fresh, whole milk, always delivered in bottles with a distinct layer of yellowish cream towards the top. This provided the perfect complement to strawberries in the summer.

Like so much else, milk has never been as good as it was in those halcyon days of childhood. Even whole milk, which we have to buy again now that we have small children in the house, is "standardised" and homogenised so that being able to pour fresh cream off the top is only a happy memory. …

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