Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Foster Dog Proves Quite Neighbourly

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Foster Dog Proves Quite Neighbourly

Article excerpt

IT WAS a quiet, sunny Sunday recently when I got the distress call.

C[pounds sterling]Can you come up to the farm?C[yen] The Farmer asked. C[pounds sterling]We've got a stray puppy up here and our two dogs are going nuts.C[yen]

So off I trotted in my Sunday best Co fleece, trackie dacks and boots Co to see how I could be of assistance.

I arrived to find a solid but small ridgeback-cross pup cowering underneath the stairs in the shed, with Stu the cattle dog sniffing around him relatively gently but suspiciously.

Lola the kelpie Co who couldn't stay calm around other animals if the entire future of the dog kingdom relied on her Co was bouncing around like a maniac, serving only to add to the poor little pup's distress.

We grabbed our two dogs, tied them each up on leashes I'd brought from the house, and went back to see if we could get close to the little fella.

He sniffed at the food I'd brought and, at some stages, even appeared as though he'd eat some, but would retreat again into a position between the stairs and some farm equipment that was so awkward it reminded me I should have done more yoga classes with my instructor friend.

Slowly, very slowly, we got closer to him Co The Farmer on one side and I on the other. I was eventually able to put a hand on the quivering little thing and give him a pat, and it wasn't long after that that The Farmer was able to get close enough to pick him up.

Just before he made the attempt to do so, it occurred to me we needed a plan. We would soon have a pup with no collar and two dogs whose welcoming reception I couldn't exactly guarantee would feature strawberries and champagne.

C[pounds sterling]You know, when we grab him, we should do a leash swap and put the one on him that we've got Lola on at the moment,C[yen] I said.

C[pounds sterling]It's that clever one the kennels people gave us, with the leash and collar sort of all in one. …

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