Working on the First Coast; Multicultural Advertising Successful San Marco Agency Has Traditional Clients, and Special Minority Campaigns

Article excerpt

Byline: Drew Dixon

Jorge Burnet-Garcia has been involved in advertising for most of the past 30 years, but it's his last decade that may have been his most rewarding.

The Brunet-Garcia Advertising agency on San Marco's Hendricks Avenue has a unique area of service: It focuses on minority advertising campaigns in addition to traditional markets. The 2,500 square feet of office space in a building that was renovated about six years ago has the air of an art studio with few barriers between the 17 employees that work there.

A big "YES" sign in red letters welcomes clients and many of its dozens of advertising awards are displayed near the front door. Brunet-Garcia said his business of 10 years is growing so much that he's looking to relocate to the Riverside area this year and possibly double his floor space.

In the meantime, the 64-year-old Brunet-Garcia said he's taking stock in his business, which he started with his wife, Diane, who remains a partner. He now has a portfolio of about 50 clients and an annual revenue of about $3 million.

It's been a long road to establishing his own firm. When he was first came to Jacksonville about 20 years ago, he worked for Robin Shepherd Group advertising. Previous to that after he had stints in St. Petersburg and Atlanta. But Brunet-Garcia said he's proud of the specialty marketing he does for minorities, in large part in government contracts, that most advertising agencies don't handle.

Why is a multicultural advertising agency necessary?

We represent society as a whole, particularly in Florida. I think the demographics of Florida are very diverse and they are diverse within that diversity. By that I mean if you look at the Hispanic market for example, all Hispanics are not alike. You have Caribbean Hispanics, you have Mexicans, you have Central American Hispanics, you have South American Hispanics and you need to talk to each of those ethnic groups differently. …


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