Climate Change, We're onto It, Survey Shows

Article excerpt


AUSTRALIANS accept human impact on climate change and are taking action to reduce it, according to new research.

A research project by Griffith University and Cardiff University in Wales surveyed 7500 Austra- lians and 1800 Britons and found 90% of Australian and 89% of British respondents accepted that humans are part of the cause of climate change.

There were striking similarities overall, but Australian respondents viewed climate change as a more aimmediate, proximal, and certain threata compared to British respondents, who were beginning to adapt to it through changes in their thinking, feelings and behaviours.

And 71% of Australians reported increased awareness, media coverage, perceived lack of government action and increasing frequency of natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Only 6.5% doubted humans' role in climate change.

aThere has been a continuing and widespread misreading of the Australian public's acceptance of and often deeply felt responses to climate change,a Australian project leader, Professor Joseph Reser said.

aA particularly noteworthy finding was that 54% of Australians said they believed the impacts of climate change were already being felt here and 45% believed they had personally encountered noteworthy changes or events associated with climate change. …


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