Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Soft Sissies Need to Stub Toes

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Soft Sissies Need to Stub Toes

Article excerpt

IS IT any wonder Australia's youth are getting a reputation for being asofta?

Where are we going to find the State of Origin players, Wallabies or Aussie Stingers (women's water polo team) of tomorrow if when they're growing kids can't even do handstands or cartwheels in the school yard?

What next? Banning the lunch-time fist fights behind the bike shed that were such a highlight of the lunch-time entertainment in my school days at St Mary's Toowoomba?

The litigious culture in which we live today was blamed for one school banning cartwheels in the playground.

Are school principals that afraid of being sued by parents whose Little Johnny or Suzie stubbed their toe mid-cartwheel that the students in their care must now do nothing more than stand still, sit and walk slowly during their lunch break?

If that's the case, I can only lament the lack of such litigation-happy times when I was in primary school.

To this day there remain the stains of blood spilled by my mates and me at Cordelia State School in north Queensland and Haden State School to Toowoomba's north-west in our primary school years.

And at those schools cartwheels were considered the stuff of sissies.

The guys in my class could all be rich today had we been able to sue our school for the black eyes and busted fingers from wayward cricket balls, or the cuts, bruises and the odd broken bone from landing on the concrete cricket pitch when tackled during a game of lunchtime footy.

Mind you, it would have been fun to see my parents suing the school principal for one of my many playground injuries seeing as the principal was my father a who on occasion caused the injury to his disrespectful son in the first place (and with justification I hasten to add).

But no parent thought of suing the school for their kids' playground injuries in those days.

My mother would simply look at me shaking her head, saying aYou're so accident pronea as she applied the abluea to the latest scrape, cut or lump. …

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