Proving That Learning Can Be All in the Mind

Article excerpt

THE University of the Sunshine Coast is listening for a different way of learning.

Researchers at the university are seeking to assess whether it is possible to learn something new without consciously hearing it.

A study will investigate whether aauditory subliminal stimulationa can help adult learning.

USC psychology honours student Phoenix Lawless, who is conducting the research, said testing of people aged over 18 would help indicate whether their brains were receptive to information that their ears were not fully tuned into.

aThe threshold of hearing begins at zero decibels, with normal conversation at approximately 60 decibels,a Mr Lawless said.

aTesting will occur at between 20-22 decibels, which is considered below the range that we consciously hear.a

He said research participants would be given a series of questions and be tested for their answers.

aThey will then be exposed to auditory subliminal stimulation through headphones,a he said.

aA subliminal audio file will continually repeat the answers to the questions they previously didn't know, at a level below what we consciously hear. …


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