Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Give the Premier a Chance to Fix Up Labor Mess

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

Give the Premier a Chance to Fix Up Labor Mess

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I HAVE watched with great interest over the past couple of weeks the way the unions have reacted to the LNP's job cuts.

It never ceases to amaze me how when Labor is in power the unions and the media give them a dream run. The LNP is not being given the chance to show what they can do to fix up the mess Labor has left this state in.

Where were these unions when Anna Bligh and Labor were selling this state's assets?

If she worked in a private business she would be in jail for trading while insolvent, but instead the unions in this state turned a blind eye to Labor's actions.

But now that the LNP is trying to get the state up and running the unions that were nowhere to be seen in the Bligh days are rallying their members.

Where were the union when the forestry was sold to the Americans and most of the workforce lost their jobs?

I will tell you where they were: they were right there telling the members that their jobs were safe while all the time they were working with the Bligh government to ease the workers out of their jobs.

Give the LNP a go and let's see what happens. Labor should be hanging their heads in shame over what they have done to Queensland.



Anger justified

THE recent riots in Sydney need to be viewed without knee-jerk reaction.

If a stupid and highly questionable person makes an appallingly bad movie which somehow manages to push the angry-button among some followers of Islam we need to look non-judgmentally on the outcome.

Often when such events occur, instead of listening to what the vast majority of Muslims in Australia and overseas are saying, what their religious leaders are saying and, unfortunately what the Western media so often does not say, we tend to jump on a wagon that really makes us very little different to the people we are so ready to criticise and want to throw out of the country.

Without questioning the circumstances, without analysing the facts, by neglecting to feel sorry that they are so upset over such rubbish we become just as angry as they are and only harm can come.

When the Monty Python crew made Life of Brian some followers of Christianity were outraged and wanted it banned. …

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