Mining Industry Taking Toll on Our Well-Being

Article excerpt

AWALI report

According to the report workers in the mining industry are also more negatively affected, which appears to be a reflection of their longer hours of work.

The longest weekly work hours are reported in traditionally male-dominated industries such as mining (51.7 hours), construction (43.1 hours), electricity\gas\water\waste services (42.5hours) and agriculture\forestry\fishing (42.1 hours).

According to the report the mining industry has the worst work-life interference, which is probably a result of both long hours, shift-work and extensive travel requirements (e.g. fly-in fly-out arrangements). This finding and its causes and remedies is worthy of further research.

Rebecca Davis


MOST of us know the saying; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The balance between work and life is a constant struggle for most Australians.

The new Australian Work and Life Index report, released this week, reiterates this notion.

The report highlights the negative work-life balance created from working in the mining industry or as a shift worker. …


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