Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Is Hillary Hungry Enough to Still Want the Top Job?

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Is Hillary Hungry Enough to Still Want the Top Job?

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Byline: Bonnie Greer

IF THE polls are to be believed, unless Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan pull something extraordinary out of the locker at the last minute, or the dreaded "October surprise" turns up, Barack Obama looks set for a second term. Soon after he wins re-election, both Democrats and Republicans will turn their attention to 2016. That year will be a potential game-changer because it will be a contest without an incumbent: Obama has to stand down.

Clinton-haters look away now: there is the strong possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton will decide, once again, to run for the Democratic nomination -- and this time win.

There will be those who will say she's already ruled that out, that she's tired, that Bill wants her home, that Hillary wants to kick back and be a granny. Worst of all, that she will be what shock jock Rush Limbaugh said in 2008 and no one wanted to see: a woman ageing before our very eyes.

Not being privy to the Clinton inner sanctum, I have no idea what Bill and Hill are up to regarding 2016. Speaking earlier this week, Bill was careful to say he had "no earthly idea" whether she would run -- but he didn't dismiss the idea. But I do know some of Hillary's acquaintances and I know our generation. So let's just say that you can be sure that the possibility of another run is real. Because if any woman was destined to be President of the United States in our time, it's Hillary Clinton. And she knows it.

Okay, she told a porkie in March 2008 about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, but all of the candidates embellished. We still don't know exactly how many houses John McCain owns.

And you can forget Condoleezza Rice making a run. She is one sister who won't be sullying herself by getting down into the trenches of a presidential campaign. Her parents didn't move her out of the Deep South during the civil rights era to have their only child kicked around by the hoi polloi. Besides, she doesn't have to: her legacy is secure.

Hillary, however, is still on fire. She's been there, done it, and has the pantsuit to prove it: she has "survivor" stamped all over her. She has made it through everything: from being accused of complicity in the murder of a former colleague to having to stand by her husband during the darkest days of her marriage. Hillary summed up that horrific era in her retort to a young reporter when asked if the Middle East crisis was the worst thing she'd ever gone through: "Excuse me, but were you alive in the 1990s?" She survived the end of her campaign in 2008, when, running out of money, she appealed to "white people" -- a dog-whistle term for Northern bluecollar workers, the Reagan Democrats, who were just plain scared of Obama. This appeal sent many of her ethnic minority supporters scrambling for the exit.

She made it through the subtle and not-so-subtle misogyny in the press. …

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