Islam and Christianity Grounded in Peace

Article excerpt


Fr John Dobson

IT SEEMS to me that the recent riots by a minority Islamic group in Sydney and around the world, simply achieved a widening gap between the Muslim people and the rest of the population.

We should be clear about a few points. Firstly, I believe very few if any of the rioters saw the movie that caused them to riot. Secondly, I would wonder how deep their knowledge would be of the Koran itself.

I have lived and studied in Islamic cultures and countries over the past 21 years. When you look at the culture, the environment and the era out of which Islam emerged, I believe it is one of the great teachings of humanity, with enormous potential for peace and harmony in the world.

It is essentially a message of peace. Consequently, I see little connection between the violence of those rioting, and the faith they profess. I believe I can make that statement, because I also believe that Christianity is in a similar position.

People outside of Christianity, including Islamic people, often see Christians as being violent people, and history attests to this reputation. …


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