Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Is It Time to Let Them Take Drugs?

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Is It Time to Let Them Take Drugs?

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ABOUT five years ago through this column I posed the question awhy not allow all athletes to take drugs?a

Then, as now, it seemed the sports drugs chemists who provide the performance enhancing chemicals seemed to always be a step or five ahead of the drug testing laboratories.

Olympic gold medal winners could bask in the glory of victory on the podium and for at least two or three years before the laboratories caught up and found the athlete's sample back then had been laced with a performance enhancer.

Little comfort by that time for the silver or bronze medallist in the field against the drug cheat, unless they too had popped a few enhancers themselves.

There are no crowded sports arenas or accolades to an athlete who gets a gold medal in the mail after the original winner was disqualified due to drug cheating.

The Lance Armstrong debacle has done nothing to change my mind on the issue but surely more and more people have to face the fact that the drug cheats will always win ... for a while at least until new drug testing technology is invented and their cheating exposed.

That someone could allegedly (Lance hasn't admitted anything) use illicit drugs for 10 or so years in a high-profile sport without anyone noticing has to be of some concern.

It's ridiculous, isn't it?

I'm left waiting for Lance Armstrong to be nominated as the next rugby league immortal.

As it stands now, a gold medal winner in any of the major athletic sports at the Olympic Games finds themselves under a cloud of suspicion so regularly are drug cheats exposed these days.

It matters little that they worked very hard, drug free, to make it, the suspicion will be there.

So, maybe it's time to say enough is enough, you win, take whatever you want. Faster, higher, stronger indeed.

Who cares if athletes start keeling over with heart attacks during the 100m hurdles? …

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