Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

How Do I Stop My Boys from Playing Rough?

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

How Do I Stop My Boys from Playing Rough?

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Dear Parenting Panel, I'm petrified of playgrounds. I have two very boisterous boys, aged seven and five, and am a nervous wreck every time we go to the park. They climb up everything, often fall and hurt themselves and seem to have no concept of danger at all. Our trips always end in tears and tantrums, so I try to avoid going like the plague. Can you suggest anything that would make them play more carefully together, so we can all enjoy the great outdoors? Parenting panel member Kerry Bartlett, 43, is a health care adviser for Boots and lives in Heworth with her husband of 16 years, Keith, 60, a drum teacher. They have two boys, Keiron, 14, and Kai, 10.

She says: Boys will be boys! A few bruises and tears is normally part of the daily routine with them unfortunately. They love nothing better than a bit of rough and tumble and have no concept whatsoever of fear, whereas as a mother you're a nervous wreck just watching them.

Because they are so young, they are full of energy and need to burn it off somehow and they are just doing what most little boys do at that age, in fact if they weren't, you would be concerned why they were being different.

Next time you visit the playground look around at other children of a similar age and you will no doubt see very similar behaviour, they are just doing what comes naturally.

We all want to wrap our children in cotton wool and make sure they don't get hurt but sometimes it is best to let them learn by a few bruises, then they will know not to do something again if it does hurt them. Of course make sure they are not in any real danger to themselves or any other children.

What I would suggest is for you to try and calm down and be a bit more laid back over the situation. The more you get yourself into a state over it the more anxious you will feel and the slightest thing they do will be blown out of proportion. …

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