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IF I had a dollar for everyone who asked me aHow do I get my website to appear higher on search engines?a I would be a rich woman. Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines, the biggest of them all being Google and the other main players being Yahoo and Bing.

The search engine result pages are also referred to as anatural'', aun-paid'', aorganic'' or aalgorithmic'' search results. This is because you can appear in the search engine results naturally without payment if you are optimising your website in a way that the search engine algorithms recognise.

In short, it's all about relevancy. If you take the time to optimise your website for specific stuff on a page by page basis, and the search engine deems your site to be the most relevant when matching searcher to content, you have a chance of being found.

There are more than 200 factors determining where you appear on any given search engine. …


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