Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Support Is Now Available

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Support Is Now Available

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Byline: commentJENNA CAIRNEY

I'VE heard people get frustrated with the victims of domestic violence, unable to comprehend why it's so difficult to end the cycle.

Once upon a time, I wasn't able to comprehend it either.

That is until I saw first-hand a person I idolised turned into what I can only describe as a ghost of her former self.

There was violence, but it was the psychological abuse that caused the damage.

You try to help and you think you're making progress.

But she goes back and this time, because she's bared her soul to you and you've told her straight, she's even more ashamed about returning and knows you'll never understand.

Then the abuse, without you knowing, gets worse and worse. She has no one to turn to; her only confidant being the perpetrator of her pain.

He depends on her and she depends on him.

I've never felt more frustrated and angry than when standing idly by and watching this happen, scared that if I pushed too hard, the world would lose her forever. …

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