Creative Thinking Can Save Economy; Views of the North

Article excerpt

I CAN fully understand why the Chancellor's Autumn Statement is so dire.

Every government since the end of the Second World War has done much of the same and never really backed the people when it comes to national innovation and its exploitation of new industries to provide jobs, long-term economic security and meaningful pensions.

They haven't had a clue and are the reason where we are today.

They may think that they have been doing what intelligent people do, but they have neglected what creative people should have done, something that they are completely lacking in knowledge and understanding of.

Successive governments have tried for decades to get the university-business model working without any real meaningful success, which was meant to have provided 100s of thousands of new technology jobs, if not millions.

This should show our politicians that they have got their thinking totally wrong.

But does it? I think not. In this respect, for years some people have known that it is going to be a very long haul to get the UK on its economic feet again, whereas politicians have only lived on "hope", basically for an economic strategy.

It is therefore time that all political parties looked at the only way to get Britain economically vibrant again and that is by involving the creative thinking of all our people, not just those who think that they know best, when history has clearly shown that they know very little. …


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