UKSE's Backing for Green Energy Technology

Article excerpt

ATEES company backed by UK Steel Enterprise is forging ahead as it aims to help provide the UK with green energy. There are currently fewer than 100 operational anaerobic digestion plants producing electricity in this country whereas there are 7,000 in Germany alone.

JFS & Associates, based in Stokesley, is confident that the unique approach it is bringing to the sector gives it huge potential and it's a potential that UK Steel Enterprise was quick to recognise too.

The Tata Steel subsidiary provided a significant investment in loan and equity to help the company achieve its goal of having at least 25 plants operational in the UK within the next five years.

"This is a rapidly expanding sector," said Matthew Flint who, along with directors Peter Johnson and David Swallow, brought expertise in engineering, farming and finance to the company.

Anaerobic digestion plants use micro-organisms to break down organic matter into biogas (carbon dioxide and methane) which is used to produce electricity. They run on animal waste, food waste and silage and attract generous feed-in tariffs, the government subsidies available to green energy suppliers. JFS & Associate works in close partnership with farmers, bringing together European technology for the building of the plants and project finance to create a subsidiary company to build and operate each plant. …


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