Councillors Really Do Work Hard; Views of the North

Article excerpt

IT is a shame that Alan Carter (Views of the North, December 12) wishes to tarnish all councillors with the same brush. I would like to stand up for my very hard-working colleagues, of all parties.

Like most I work full time. I am married and we have a three-year-old child. My salary for my job is just under PS19,000. My husband earns more and is at the average salary mark.

Neither of us has yet to actually be paid our full salary as we take unpaid leave for council meetings. For the last number of years, my salary has been around PS15,000.

Of course, I pay tax so the actual amount is less than this. The allowance I get from council is (after tax) approximately PS500. So the allowance helps recoup this lost salary and the extra phone bill, petrol and so on that I need to use to perform my duties.

For the last four weeks, if we take the 20 working days, I have had the following scheduled into my diary: meetings 13; governors and Ofsted inspection 2; Fenham group/meetings 5; discussion of the future of the libraries 3; Sharkstoppers campaign 1. …


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