Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Exactly Where and How Hard Budget Plans Would Hit Borough

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Exactly Where and How Hard Budget Plans Would Hit Borough

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WELLBEING, CARE AND LEARNING | Commission out some of the support services to schools that we currently provide directly, based upon school-led priorities for improvement, (which will save PS225,000).

| Merge the Children Centres and Youth Support Services Teams (PS500,000).

| Reduce support costs for the Children's Safeguarding Service (PS53,000).

| Reduce the operating costs of the School Meals and Catering Service (PS50,000).

| Streamline welfare rights services and develop partnerships with other financial advice services (PS25,000).

| Reduce the management costs of the Mental Health Service (PS60,000).

| Reduce the number of Older Persons' Day Care Centres from three to one (PS140,000).

| Reduce staffing in Learning Disabilities Day Services as people choose to use their personal budgets for other activities (PS50,000).

| Commission out the Learning Disability Community Support services (PS40,000).

| Cut the use of agency and bank staff in the Supervised Contact Service for Looked after Children (PS10,000).

| End school clothing grants (PS13,000). | Reduce travel costs for social workers (PS15,000). | Reduce the costs of Workforce Development in Adult Social Care (PS90,000).

| Create a single commissioning unit to cut the cost of purchasing care (PS75,000).

| Reduce Family Placement Panel meetings, from weekly to bi-weekly (PS13,000).

| Consolidate Children's Services Information Technology systems removing the need for two software packages (PS9,000).

| Recharge neighbouring authorities for some family support services in Gleneagles (PS10,000).

| Introduce a charge to the Health Service for care management of people with an identified health need (PS50,000).

| Increase the residential care charge clients pay by an amount equal to pension increases (PS22,000).

| Provide more beds in local Children's Homes to reduce the number of out of area placements PS226,0000).

| Create a single point of contact for Adult and Children's Social Care services (PS40,000).

| Create a shared Tees Valley service for public health (PS60,000).

| Increase the rates of awards for continuing health care, which will save (PS100,000).

| Renegotiate the costs and provision of Learning Disability day services at Upsall Hall (PS101,000).

| Transfer the charge for managing direct payment allowances from the council to those receiving direct payments (PS120,000). | Reduce the level of support to failed Asylum Seekers (PS30,000).

| Close Sunningdale Mental Health Residential Home and buy beds from the private sector (PS125,000).

| Reduce the costs of high cost residential care placements for adults (PS180,000).

| Reduce residential care costs through a more effective use of the Intermediate Care Centre (PS20,000).

| Increase in-house fostering and reduce placement fees for looked after children (PS340,000).

| Cut the level and cost of residential placements for looked after children (PS570,000).

| End employment support advice to those receiving social care and redirect individuals to other external employment support advisors (PS50,000).

| Stop using external agencies to research Adult Social Care service options (PS15,000).

| Reduce services that help people in their homes such as housing wardens and carelink services (PS200,000).

| Secure alternative funding to transport children with special needs to the Cleveland Unit (PS58,000).

| End providing transport to school due to a temporary disability on medical grounds (PS5,000).

| Cease providing the Teen Mover pass for half fares on bus services (PS119,000).

| Provide transport support for foster care children, currently by taxi, through alternative means (PS35,000). …

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