Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Zip to 2020 in Driverless Car

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Zip to 2020 in Driverless Car

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Helen Hawkes


WHAT does the future look like? And what products and services that we love now will be gone?

The Futures Foundation is a Melbourne-based organisation that provides tools to help individuals and businesses prepare a more ideal tomorrow. The foundationCOs Charles Brass says the sheer number of people who now inhabit the planet and the collective brainpower means things are changing faster.

And, as we think of bigger and better things, weCOre discarding devices or services we used to consider part of our daily life.

Think about fax machines. TheyCOve pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Or landlines. Other victims of our progress Co cameras that use film, leaded petrol and common old cash. Yes, cash. How often do you actually get some of it out rather than use your debit or credit card at EFTPOS or buy online?

According to Mr Brass, the physical process of shopping is also diminishing.

C[pounds sterling]There is still a role for stores, especially those who offer great guidance or service,C[yen] he said. C[pounds sterling]But if itCOs just about picking up a product, online shopping is taking over.C[yen]

The message for stores: make sure you woo customers with terrific staff and service, and know what customers want.

Part of that, according to website, includes brands that proactively show they have a conscience; products from emerging markets; products that can be given back to nature to grow or make something new; and products that are made domestically.

Even though more and more of us are downloading content, Mr Brass believes that just as there is a place for great boutiques thereCOs a place for DVD stores.

C[pounds sterling]There is still a market for DVDs with special features and the older generation also likes to pick up a physical product,C[yen] he said.

As for record stores: C[pounds sterling]Again, they are diminishing but specialist stores for collectors and those who cater to the retro market are also springing upC[yen].

So what about TV? …

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