Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Maddya[euro][TM]s Melody Line; Young Songwriter Farewells Full Life

Newspaper article Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)

Maddya[euro][TM]s Melody Line; Young Songwriter Farewells Full Life

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Byline: Peter Freeman

MADDY Rogers was a private person. So private she has even kept the cause of her death to herself.

She would probably prefer that her story not be written, but there are many people who can relate to some of what Maddy has been through, and others who need to realise how lucky they really are.

Maddy worked for me at the Emporium Cafe in 2008. She was a very mature and intelligent young lady with a fantastic dry sense of humour. You would often not realise she was taking the micky until you saw that twinkle in her eye. She would make us laugh every day. It was sad when she left us to go to Sydney; she had a dream to follow.

As soon as Madelyn arrived in Sydney to start work as a race horse trainer in a large stable, Racing Australia was amazed at how lucky they were. At 17, Maddy was not only an accomplished rider but attractive and articulate. She was touted as the new face and ambassador of Racing Australia.

But then disaster struck. A mere slip of a girl didnat stand a chance when that big race horse reared up and fell back on her. Her injuries were life- threatening. Crushed pelvis, broken back and both thighs.

She was in hospital for 12 months and she new she would never be able to ride a horse again. So while under- going re-hab she taught herself to read and write music and play the guitar. In constant agony with not even morphine numbing the pain and with 14 pain-blocking stents, Maddy moved on. She spurned the drugs as she wanted to live a real life and not become drug dependent.

Interestingly enough, before the accident, Maddy had never shown any interest in music. She used to tell Julie, her mother, to turn the music down. Suddenly music filled her head and her ideas came thick and fast. She was good.

So good that well-known Australian artists have bought her songs. She was a prodigy with nothing like her seen since Carole King and Tapestry, many claimed.

Maddy was forging ahead in her new career and loving it. She came into the cafe one lunchtime with guitar and bags to wait for a lift to Nymboida.

Although you could see she wasnat 100%, she showed few signs of the pain she was suffering. She played her songs for us and it was a great afternoon. However, four hours later the strain showed. But again, no complaints.

On the cusp of signing a major contract with EMI Maddy had a more serious setback. Driving home to Nymboida She lost control of her car and slammed into a tree.

This time her body was barely touched, but she had severe brain damage and the doctors gave little hope. …

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