Draw on Life's Experiences to Master Success; an MBA Can Transform Your Career Prospects Particularly If It Equips You with the Language, Mindset and Skills to Go to the Next Level. Niki Chesworth Finds out How University of Bedfordshire Business School Can Help

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Byline: Niki Chesworth

MANAGERS are rarely presented with opportunities to manage, according to the academic models and theories taught in business schools," says Dr Sonal Minocha, dean of the University of Bedfordshire Business School.

"Instead they draw upon their knowledge and experiences of management practice derived from seeing practitioners solve problems and deal effectively with staff."

This is why the University of Bedfordshire Business School places a high emphasis on real world experience, "says Minocha.

"Our students will not only be 'Masters of Business Administration' but will also be equipped with the language, mindset and skillsets that are a prerequisite and a continuing condition for success in their chosen profession. All of this means higher employability and enhanced prospects as an intelligent practitioner."

So how does the University of Bedfordshire Business School achieve this? "Real-life learning is mission critical to our agenda," continues Minocha.

"We are building a practice-based school, which means the thrust of and foundation for our business school is connecting imaginations to deliver measurable performance improvement and memorable innovation impact in organisations.

"To achieve this we integrate our practice-based learning into our core curriculum, ensuring practice is both a learning driver and a learning outcome for our students.

"We draw from a range of organisations and experts who provide a practitioner ethos for the academic rigour that our courses provide. This blend is critical to our distinctiveness in a competitive market space."

An example of how this works is Leadership Futures, a high-profile guest speaker series held every month. These events enable students to be inspired by great leaders from diverse contexts, who share their journey of struggle and success first-hand.

"Our estate also has impact in shaping how our students learn," adds Minocha. "We have invested heavily in our facilities to shape not just the physical space but also the intellectual environment of learning. Our business pods and the moot court are an extension of our practice-led vision: a physical architecture that simulates a real world business environment."

With nearly 5,700 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 140 fulltime academic staff the University of Bedfordshire Business School is already one of the largest in the east of England. …


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