Nurture Self-Esteem and Build kidsa[euro][TM] Social Skills

Article excerpt

IF GOOD social skills point to success for adults, then cultivating healthy self-esteem in our children is of paramount concern when seeking to establish sound mental health, social happiness and future career success.

Thereas a major connection between our social skills and our accomplishments in the other areas of our lives. Good social skills enable us to build healthy, lasting relationships, as well as providing added opportunities in the workplace.

Good social skills stem from healthy self-esteem, which is founded on how we perceive ourselves and the self-beliefs that we hold onto and choose to nurture. Therefore how we feel about ourselves, can determine how we act.

When we consider ourselves worthy of love, feel comfortable with who we are and believe that we can make things happen, our self esteem and social skills grow.

Laurie Adelman, in her book a[approximately]Donat Call Me Shya, states that parents play an active role in the building of a childas self-confidence. When parents implement practical steps, they ensure that the childas self-esteem is being shaped from a foundation built on positive self-beliefs.

Adelman suggests that children shouldnat be labelled as shy because they will continue to act out in a way that re-enforces this perception, thus limiting their social confidence. …


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